On The Power of Vulnerability and Brené Brown

Today I have been re-watching a couple of talks that I came across with a few months ago. Now, let me first say that I am not very fond of ‘inspiring’ videos. And this can be a really bad thing, because when a friend comes with one of them saying ‘Omg, have you seen this video? It is super inspiring!’ I really think ‘Oh god…’ and fear my incoming poker face after watching the video.

Inspiration, or rather, what triggers inspiration, is a very personal thing. Then again here I am doing the same to you; my personal ‘Omg, have you seen this video? It is super inspiring!’.

But do not worry, I will not be able to see your poker faces! So there is that.

The second thing is…I am total fanboy.
If something or someone truly inspires me, I just…can’t even. I just need more!

It is not as freely as it sounds, though — I promise.

But this was the case of Brené Brown‘s The Power of Vulnerability.


I first watched the animated version of her talk a few months ago, which only covered a small part of it, touching on empathy vs sympathy. Later I found the entire talk.

It might have been the moment (although I cannot recall being in a specific, relevant place in my life at that point, or going through something specific), the place, or simply the pure greatness of it — but it really struck me.

And it was only yesterday when I realised how much it has affected me — in a positive way, I would like to think.
Due to my volunteering work, and my studies on communication, I have always tried to put empathy, assertiveness, and other emotional intelligence skills into practice. However, since I watched Brené Brown‘s talk, I have tried to put a bigger emphasis on vulnerability (a big WIP, though!).

And could give several example, but I think I will rather post the videos here and let you watch them; and decide whether they tell you something. They might not, and that is okay too.

I simply felt the urge of going ‘Omg, omg…have you seen these super inspiring talks!?’
So here here is my fanboy post and here are the videos!


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