TV Stuff I’m Watching (and men, ofc)

I am super excited with the last episode of one of the TV series that I am following, so I though I would share my list with you, just in case you feel like watching something, but don’t know what.


A group of trainees from very different background join the FBI Academy in Quantico. The series begins with one of those trainees being framed after an explosion in Grand Central Terminal. Each episodes features both the current timeline after the incident and the time when they were training at Quantico. Portrays hotties like Jake McLaughlin, Graham Rogers and Josh Hopkins!


Based on the film with the same name which starred Bradley Cooper (who also appears in the series), pretty much follows the same pattern (i.e. spin-off). Brian Finch is a guy in his late 20’s who doesn’t know where he life is heading until he take NZT, a drug that enhances his abilities allowing to use 100% of his brain potential. He soon joins the FBI to help them with cases while they keep an eye on him. The main character is played by Jake McDorman (yummy!), and he does a great job! The funny attitude of Brian makes the series quite different from the film.

Blood & Oil

I have to be honest with this one, I’m only watching it because of Chace Crawford (yes, he’s worth watching a TV series to me!). It revolves around a young couple who move to North Dakota where the oil business is booming! After a few hard setbacks, they get their lucky moment but, at the same time, they submerge in the schemes of one of the biggest Oil dealers of the area. Like I said… Chace Crawford!!

Other series you may want to check out

  • Scorpion, is not too bad…but I’m not as excite with it as I was in the first season.
  • Minority report, nice but slow…

The Classics…

These ones I won’t even describe because I assume you know them pretty well…

  • Doctor Who (Dowweeedooooo)
  • Downton Abbey (No new episodes until Christmas special, though :()

If you have any series you would recommend me watching…please let me know in the comments below, I would really appreciate it!