Steve Grand & Eli Lieb’s ‘Look Away’ is Every Break-up Song You’ll Ever Need

Today was a very special day for those who follow Steve Grand and Eli Lieb’s music: his joint single ‘Look Away’ was out, including the video!

They have been announcing the release for a while on social media, so there was quite a lot of expectation!

And it was everything you one could have expected.

And more, much more.

Simple and raw, the song puts across every feeling that comes with a break-up. That moment when we are still trying to realise what is going. When we try to hold to the memories of everything we have just lost, unable to just let it go — even thought we know that everything ended a long ago.

The harmonies of both voices is just great, and the blend seamlessly, specially in higher notes.

The video is as simple and raw as the song. And it is a great choice! Anything else would have come as a bit cheesy.

Unfortunately, the launch comes with some personal bad news for one of the singers:


While this is most unfortunate news (and here I truly don’t want to come across as ‘cold-hearted’ or ‘insensitive’) I am glad that Eli was able to channel and weave all those emotions into the song.

So, what are you waiting for? You can get the song just for 1$ here:

And here is the YouTube video, which I have been replaying historically for the last hour while sobbing all over the place: